Learning for Life

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Learning for Life to enable young people to become responsible individuals by teaching positive character traits, career development, leadership, and life skills so they can make ethical choices and achieve their full potential.

Program Description

Learning for Life, a subsidiary program of the Boy Scouts of America, provides school/business partnership support to benefit boys and girls K-12. At the elementary level, classroom mentors provide a regular schedule of interactive Character Education lessons. In middle school, the Learning for Life curriculum transitions from character to career education lesson plan topics. For high school age youth, Learning for Life provides work-based learning opportunities in alignment with Georgia Performance Standards for career education. We recruit and schedule local business leaders to act as career mentors and hands-on classroom volunteers. These professional volunteers use their expertise to give direct support to classroom curriculum, or in providing Employability Skills workshops. 

We also organize industry-specific career clubs known as Explorer Posts. Exploring is the work-site based portion of the Learning for Life program. Learning for Life Executives facilitate school/business partnerships by organizing Career Specialty Explorer Posts to meet both the needs of students to experience the job-site first hand, and the needs of local businesses to recruit and attract future employees to a given career field. Our staff and volunteers work with teachers and school system administrators to match student career interests with local businesses willing to provide a regular schedule of work-based learning opportunities, including hands-on activities, career seminars, job skills training, departmental tours, campus tours and interactive demonstrations.

The career and character education programs we provide would not be possible without the volunteer support of local businesses and educational institutions. Learning for Life and Exploring offer a structured, proven program that allows area businesses to have a positive impact on the economic independence of our future citizens and the development of our future workforce.

For more information on the Learning for Life program, please contact:

Derek Mallow, Sr. District Executive



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